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Coal screening - recovery and sizing

Coal screening machines offer a great way to recover and size coal product generated by mining and other industrial-scale processes. For a long time, coal waste was simply left to accumulate in spoil piles or in large mounds of tailings, but with the advent of new coal screening plant technology a lot of this product can be used to improve the bottom line for your business.

Governments, industries and geologists have been developing and perfecting coal screening equipment, minimising waste from coal, and inventing new ways to recycle or reuse old coal waste. Many of these applications require coal that has been sized appropriately, which is where coal screening machines become essential for any plant operation.

Coal screening machines

Fine coal screening is especially important and new fine coal centrifuges have been developed which can drastically reduce the amount of water in your waste coal product. By sifting back through old coal waste deposits with efficient coal screeners, useful material can be recovered. Waste tailings from other mining practices can also be reprocessed with coal screeners for further use.

RG Recycling recognises the importance of the coal screening process for mining and plant operations, improving efficiency and reducing waste in a number of ways. To that end, we've been promoting the use of both coarse and fine coal screening equipment to allow the re-use of coal product in a variety of ways including:

New and used coal screening plant equipment

As coal waste becomes increasingly more useful, and fine coal recovery techniques develop, the market for this waste stands to grow. That's why we are proud to offer the latest new screening plant equipment, as well as proven, reliable used screening machinery.

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