Avoidable landfill is costly

Another big industry which generates a lot of waste is the food and catering business. Along with private homes, the output of waste food in the UK, USA, Canada, and Europe is huge. In the UK alone, food and catering waste accounts for seventeen million tonnes of waste in landfills every year, costing in the region of one hundred million pounds to dispose. These disposal costs are regularly passed on to the catering industry.

Efficient green waste processing

With the right knowledge and equipment, catering waste material can be drastically reduced by recycling and composting. This will soon become even more of a necessity, as the EU has imposed fines in order to divert biodegradable wastes from landfill sites. If the next target in 2013 is not met, those fines will be passed on to the catering industry. But it is easy to process and recycle all of that commercial food waste:

Food and catering industry solutions

All of these processes are easy enough to carry out, and RG Recycling has a huge range of balers, screeners and crushers to carry out these tasks. We're also able to offer compactors for compostable waste, and provide transport logistics to remove all of your catering waste products.

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