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The construction and demolition industry produces a large amount of waste due to the very nature of business, but this waste is often just disposed of rather than being recycled. Construction waste such as debris, metals, and plastics form a significant part of landfill waste across the world. In the UK alone, construction waste amounted to 77.4 million tonnes in 2010.

Processing and disposal of construction waste

Disposing of all this waste is an added cost to construction businesses, and certainly not good for the environment. It is one that can be avoided however. With more investment in recycling equipment for the construction industry, businesses stand to make a profit from their waste material, rather than paying for it to be disposed of. Almost everything can be recycled and subsequently reused:

Construction waste material solutions

All types of plastics, from straps on raw materials to containers used for transport, can be separated and recycled.

RG Recycling can help you with all of these recycling procedures, so that your commercial waste is processed with the most efficient equipment. We buy, sell and lease a wide variety of recycling equipment to fit perfectly with your industry, and we also trade in the recyclable materials which you'll begin to process. We've got every base covered, and ready to help along every step of the way.

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