Industry waste recovery and recycling

Have you ever wondered about all the waste products that industries such as farming, mining and construction generate? As a site manager, are you faced with issues about how to safely dispose of all that waste? Is your business looking to be a global leader in an environmentally friendly way?

RG Recycling Group Ltd can help you with all of the above, as we specialise in guiding companies based in any industry through the various steps necessary to ensure the waste produced by them is recovered, reused and recycled in the most efficient way, saving them disposal costs and generating additional income from recyclable materials.

Why invest in industrial waste recovery?

Industrial waste processing is not a new management practice facing businesses and companies, but its importance today has grown over the last few years due to the tightening of the global economy, and the rising cost of landfill sites.

In the UK for example, landfill costs are predicted to increase by at least £20 ( $30) per tonne in the next two years alone. The same story is true across the world, but is most notable in smaller countries where landfill space is quickly running out.

As a competing business, your company does not need to fight these rising costs. By investing in industrial waste recovery techniques, not only can you save money on waste disposal, but you stand to actually gain from the recyclable materials you are generating from your industrial waste products.

How RG Recycling Group Ltd can help

Every industry is different, and certain recycling machinery and industrial waste processing techniques are more suitable to specific types of waste than others -but we can help you decide what your business needs. Some recycling equipment is best used in the mining industry for the extraction of minerals for example, while other equipment can be easily adapted to work in a variety of industries.

RG Recycling Group Ltd has been working in the waste recovery business for nearly twenty years, and we are global innovators in developing new and efficient recycling equipment for our clients. We've worked with companies in the USA and Canada to develop specific machinery that maximise the income for our customers in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

We have years of experience in a variety of industries:

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Waste Products

Waste products are valuable commodities, and disposing of them is just an extra cost to worry about. RG Recycling can help you turn your waste products into profitable assets. We handle all the logistics and provide access to a wide variety of equipment to suit your industries needs. We can sell or hire recycling equipment to you, and we'll buy it back should you no longer need it. We also specialise in the sale and trade of recycled waste materials too, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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