Timber processing, recovery and recycling

Waste timber and waste wood represent a large portion of the amount of general waste that comes out of a number of industries, but in particular the construction and demolition sector. Increasingly though, businesses are aware of the need to recycle waste timber and old wood, as the cost of recycled timber is much cheaper than new timber, and because customers are increasingly demanding more recycled wood in order to be environmentally friendly.

Environmental benefits

RG Recycling recognises the importance of protecting our rainforests and good conservation practice. We can help you buy or hire whatever type of recycling equipment you may need in order to effectively process your waste wood and timber.

Timber waste management

Whether you have spare wood from a fence project, old beams from a roof, or the entire wooden contents of a demolished house, it can all be recycled and reused again. Some timber and wood can be processed to make wood chips, which have whole host of applications, while larger pieces of timber can simply be stripped, cleaned and resized for use in wooden flooring, decking or bespoke furniture.

So if your business deals with waste timber and wood on a frequent basis, and you want to know how to maximise your profits and avoid unnecessary waste material, then get in touch with RG Recycling for:

We can help you with a variety of different solutions available, contact us now and see how we can help you.

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