The importance of mineral processing

Along with the continued need to process and develop raw materials coming out of the ground like ores, soil and sand, there is an increasing demand to recycle waste earth products to save and reuse valuable minerals and other elements contained within that refuse. As waste recycling plants continue to expand, it is important they have access to the most efficient, appropriate and cost-effective equipment to meet their needs.

Here at RG Recycling, our staff are all fully aware of the challenges involved in mineral screening and classification, and they're here to help every step of the way by:

Classifying minerals and other raw materials

Classifying - or sizing as a general term - is a vital process which will separate particles according to size, allowing you to extract exactly the kind of recyclable products you require. The type of equipment you'll need for the mineral sorting process will be dependent on the type of waste material you'll be recycling at your plant. RG Recycling can help you acquire all the specific requirements you need, most notably which mineral screening machine will best suit your business.

Screening those valuable minerals

The simplest and most effective process for classifying minerals is screening. Acting as a giant sifter, screening machines vibrate the input material, separating and sieving the valuable and desired recyclable output products away from the excess rock, soil and other waste refuse.

Traditional linear and circulatory vibrating screening machines can experience problems when faced with difficult materials to classify, such as those rocks like basalt with splintery properties, or those with high surface humidity and water density such as clay. The resulting clogging or narrowed usage limits productivity.

High efficiency mineral processing

That's why RG Recycling only offer the highest quality screening machines, which showcase the very latest technology. We provide our clients with expert advice on what machinery they require, and get them the specialist screening equipment they require in order to have the most effective mineral classification process possible. For example:

Thus by providing machinery which increases the yield and the efficiency of the screening process, RG Recycling is able to ensure you get the very best return on your investment, and achieve great success in your waste recovery and mineral classification process.

Simply contact a member of our team now and see how we can help you.

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