Recyclable pulp types

Pulp is another very important material to recycle and reuse, whether it is from waste wood or waste paper. Though a complicated chemical process is required to manufacture pulp, it is much more efficient than simply throwing away old wood, newspapers, magazines, Yellow Pages and office paper. Over thirty per cent of annual waste from households and businesses is paper, and the recycling and processing of this paper into pulp for reuse saves tons of trees every year, and reduces energy costs and consumption associated with making pulp from raw materials.

Pulp processing for a range of industries

If you're in the construction or agricultural industry and are landscaping an area, don't send broken branches, twigs and tree trunks to the landfill. If they are the right type of soft wood, RG Recycling can help organise for them to be processed into pulp, which can then be used to make a wide variety of paper products.

Processing and trading pulp solutions

If you have a large amount of waste paper to recycle, then just get in touch with RG Recycling to make use of our refuse collection service. We specialise in the trading of all kinds of recyclable material, and we will ensure the waste paper is de-inked and processed into pulp, which is then used in newspapers, toilet paper and tissues. Often these products contain one hundred per cent recycled paper, thanks to the pulp processing procedure.

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