Benefits of recycling scrap metal

If you have waste metal material left over from a project or scrap that's excess in your industry, then it isn't waste. Scrap metal prices worldwide hold, retaining a significant monetary value which could provide good profits for your business. Recycling scrap metal not only generates a good income, it also has superb environmental results, reducing the amount of raw materials mined and extracted, and drastically cutting energy consumption. Recycling aluminium alone reduces energy consumption by up to ninety five per cent.

Scrap metal is widely recycled around the world because of its value, and there are a lot of different merchants and dealers that will offer you a wide variety of prices for your scrap. There is such variety that the market can get confusing at times. But that's why RG Recycling is here to help.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals to buy and sell

We trade in all types of scrap metal, buying and selling any kind of quantity, and ensuring that our customers get the very best prices for their scrap, and don't need to deal with scrap merchants who may try and take advantage of their disposal needs. We buy and sell every type of scrap metal, in a loose or baled form, including:

Scrap metal and equipment to buy or sell, new and used

Using the right recycling process, which includes separation, cleaning, smelting and electrolysis, scrap metal can be recycled indefinitely, meaning that there will always be an industry to recover the metal and re-process it for use.

If you're in the scrapping business, you'll know the importance of recycling scrap metal, and will want your scrap yard to have the very best recycling equipment possible, in order to get maximum efficiency and maximum profit from your scrap. RG Recycling can provide your company with a huge variety of scrap metal specific machinery, including cone crushers, impactor crushers, trommels, alligator shears and balers. We sell and lease this equipment, and even buy back other unwanted machinery. Just get in touch with us for more details.

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