What are mixed dry recyclables?

Mixed dry recyclables is a loose term used to describe all mixtures of recyclable materials such as plastics, glass, metals and paper which are free from contaminates such as food, garden and construction waste. Mixed dry recyclables are the common recycling materials which are collected from most houses and businesses when you typically think of recycling.

International traders of mixed dry recyclables

Through our numerous contracts around the UK and in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, RG Recycling provide a refuse collection service which collects mixed dry recyclables from domestic residences- meeting government targets- or from commercial and industrial locations, helping businesses with legal requirements which stipulate waste must be recycled where possible and not sent to landfills. We take the hassle out of recycling and waste disposal, as we pick up your mixed dry recyclables, ensuring that you don't need to go to the trouble of separating the waste yourself.

We can help you process, buy or sell your mixed recyclables

We collect fully commingled mixtures of mixed dry recyclables which may contain plastic containers, cardboard, food and drinks cans or paper, and we'll pick it up with or without glass mixed in as well. Working with dedicated operators in the local authority, we then deliver the recyclables to a materials recovery facility, where it is separated into individual streams of raw materials, and sent for further recycling into high quality products.

RG Recycling can also help separation facilities improve and enhance their processes, by sourcing new, efficient screening machines and conveyors for them. Click through our equipment and machinery page, or contact us for more details.

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