Established glass recycling industry

Glass waste is another material which is widely recycled across the UK and in various other countries around the world. At RG Recycling, we trade in all qualities and grades of glass, selling brown, green, flint (clear) and sheet glass to recycling processing plants around the globe. We can buy pre-sorted glass from you, or we can take mixed glass off your hands; we deal in all types.

Waste glass can be recycled again and again, and uses approximately forty per cent less energy than manufacturing new glass from sand and lime. The recycling of glass prevents millions of tons of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every year, and saves the disposer a large sum of money in costs associated with sending it to a landfill.

Glass preparation and processing

In order for it be recycled, glass must first be separated by chemical composition and colour, since glass waste retains its colour even after processing. Many businesses do not have the time or manpower to do this, and so RG Recycling can help. We deal in the trade of commingled glass recycling, so you don't need to worry about sorting the glass out. We can also pick up every type of glass you have, including bottles, glass sheets and broken glass.

Commingled glass recycling

If you are a recycling processor, we can sell you colour separated waste glass, or commingled glass ready for sorting or crushing. Coloured glass, if separated correctly, can be used in exactly the same way as new glass once recycled. Commingled glass can also be reused without separation too; once the glass is crushed to an aggregate, it has widespread use throughout the construction industry in concrete, as replacement gravel, and in the manufacture of Astroturf.

Glass recycling machines and materials trading

So, if you have waste glass you need to dispose of, or are looking to purchase waste glass to recycle, then get in touch with us today. If you regularly have a large amount of waste glass, we can also advise you on the kind of equipment you'd need to process this glass for reuse yourself, saving you even more money in raw material and disposal costs.

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