Copper, gold, platinum, silver and others

Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum - are found in a large number of places, many of which you would never expect them to be. It is for this reason that a substantial amount of this precious metal is simply wasted and destroyed, when in actual fact it could be recovered and reused, saving industries a lot of money.

In recent years, precious metal recovery has become a big recycling business, as many companies have invested in specialist equipment to salvage and recover much of the gold, silver and platinum which is often lost in a wide variety of waste products.

Precious metal recovery from different sources

Gold, for example, is found and recovered from computer components, wires, pastes and ceramics.

Silver is found as a waste product in the photography industry, amongst films and inks, in sludges, and in pastes and ceramics.

Platinum, palladium, copper, brass and nickel are all recovered from all kinds of products in a wide variety of industries, from batteries, catalysts and wires, to demolished buildings and factories.

Materials and equipment to buy and sell

The trading of recycled and recovered precious metals, along with products and equipment which could potentially contain a large amount of recoverable gold or silver, is increasingly becoming a large profit turner for many companies. At RG Recycling, we specialise in this trade of recyclable precious metal material, and offer industries expert advice on how to maximise their profits from gold and silver recovery.

The recovery process can be a complicated one, using a wide variety of techniques from smelting and refining, to electrolysis, nitric acid submersion and hydrochloric acid melting. Each of these techniques requires specialist knowledge and equipment, and if your business is looking to invest in precious metal recovery, then RG Recycling can help advise you on the best way to go about it - make an enquiry today and see how we can help you.

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