Safe recycling of plasterboard

RG Recycling are specialist plasterboard recyclers and help you recycle your waste plasterboard, rather than disposing of it to a landfill. Plasterboard, or drywall as it is known in the United States, contains valuable gypsum power which has a number of proven uses, but when waste plasterboard is mixed with biodegradable waste, it is broken down and releases hydrogen sulphide. This gas is extremely toxic and odorous, and can potentially be hazardous to the environment and people in the area.

Strict plasterboard processing guidelines

Environmental agencies have placed extremely strict guidelines on the disposal of waste plasterboard for this very reason. They strongly encourage all recycling where possible, and if any plasterboard has to go to a landfill, it must be in a cell on its own, separate from biodegradable waste.

At RG Recycling, we know just how to take your waste plasterboard-whether it's foil-backed, waterproofed or normal dry wall - and recycle it safely and effectively. We can recover the gypsum power from the plasterboard, which can then be used in a variety of different ways including:

Efficient plasterboard recycling solutions

RG Recycling has also developed innovative new ways to reuse and recycle plasterboard, taking the fibre from it to make animal bedding for example.

So if you have waste plasterboard coming off a construction project, then get in touch with RG Recycling for safe, easy recycling methods, as opposed to inhibiting disposal costs!

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