Binder+co bulk material processing technology

RG Recycling Group Ltd have partnered with Binder+Co AG to supply advanced materials processing solutions in the UK.

  • BIVITEC - for screening of particularly sticky, abrasive material
  • SANDEXX - recover fine grain sand from water
  • CLARITY - 3 stream system to sort coloured glass using modern light sensors
  • COMPACT - 2 stream glass system, similar to CLARITY but in a modular system
  • CRITERION - user-friendly system for separating different types of plastics
  • MINEXX - two-way system for sensor-based sorting of minerals such as quartz

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Binder+Co UK

Binder+Co is an internationally successful specialist in machinery and complete systems for comminuting, screening, drying, sorting, wet-processing as well as packaging and palletising bulk materials of all kinds.

The company, which is based in Austria, concentrates on the three segments of processing technology, environmental technology and packaging technology, and is a global market leader in the fields of screening technology and glass recycling.

Their machinery is employed to process bulk materials such as coal, ores, industrial materials, waste glass, recovered paper, plastics waste, products from both the chemical and petrochemical industries, artificial fertilisers, salt, sand, mortar and foodstuffs and animal feeds.

Through its innovative products, Binder+Co makes a valuable contribution to the efficient management of limited resources.

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