Binder+co BIVITEC screening technology

RG Recycling Group Ltd have partnered with Binder+Co AG to supply BIVITEC screening solutions in the UK.

  • Wear to the sides of the screen is prevented by the laterally raised screen panels
  • Screwless fastening system of screen panels allows them to be replaced quickly
  • Dynamic screening-panel movement keeps the screen openings clear
  • Easy to configure and optimise vibration parameters
  • Optimum side sealing avoids loss of material
  • Low maintenance requirements and high availability of screening machinery

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Binder+Co BIVITEC screening technology

Screening is an important step in the processing of bulk materials. Next to conventional screens, such as circular vibrating screens and linear vibratory screens, Binder+Co is also a provider of screens for particularly difficult requirements.

With BIVITEC, Binder+Co starts where conventional screens become inefficient and less economical. Difficult products, such as damp, stalky and leafy materials or matted substances block the screen openings of conventional screening machines and thus make efficient screening impossible.

BIVITEC provides a simple solution to these challenging demands: a driving mechanism producing resonance provides two vibratory movements in which the flexible polyurethane panels are expanded and compressed in turns, and the hard-to-screen product is separated at high acceleration. The dynamically excited screen panels thus remain clear and allow efficient screening.

BIVITEC applications

BIVITEC advantages

RG Recycling along with Binder+Co and McCloskey Equipment, have now launched a revolutionary mobile tracked McCloskey B230 high G-force screener, available internationally.

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