Dirt and soil from a range of industries

A lot of construction, mining and agricultural projects churn up large amounts of waste land whilst extracting or building what is required, and that land can often just lay dormant in a pile, not being put to good use. One of the problems with this dug-up earth is that it contains all kinds of different materials; lots of great, nutrient rich soil, but also lots of stones, weeds and mulch.

Dirt and topsoil screening

RG Recycling can offer a solution. We use state-of-the-art topsoil screeners to screen all of this waste soil and turn it into useful topsoil, sand, and rocks for landscaping projects. Our high-tech vibratory screens vibrate the soil mixture along world class BIVITEC screens and separate out all the fresh topsoil for resale. The screeners are highly efficient, and the topsoil that is produced is of the highest quality. It's perfect for use on gardens which have a heavy clay content, or face constant drainage issues, as it restores fresh nutrients and high organic content to your lawns and flowerbeds, replenishing the ground all around it.

Buy or sell recyclable dirt and contaminated soils

Not only does RG Recycling buy and sell mixed soil, topsoil and discarded waste earth, we also specialise in providing topsoil screeners to customers who have a high turnover of land and want to recover fresh soil for themselves. Our topsoil screening equipment comes in a range of sizes and types, each one designed to meet certain needs. From small mobile screeners which handle small topsoil screening tasks, to larger pieces of equipment with multiple screens to sift through mulch, clay, rocks and sand, we have a screener to match your needs.

Screening equipment is also used in a different way to screen and check soil for any forms of contamination. Polluted soil is caused when man-made chemicals - such as solvents and pesticides, fuels, heavy metals and other waste products - seep into the earth and contaminate areas of soil.

Eventually this makes the soil and the surrounding land useless, as the high chemical content ruins crops, causes the ground to become unstable, and results in the soil and the vapours from the soil being extremely hazardous to the health of the general public. Contaminated soil is of grave concern to environmental agencies from China to the USA.

At RG Recycling, we know exactly how to handle contaminated soil. We can provide full scale desktop evaluations on site, including the use of trail pits and bore holes, in order to analyse the extent of contamination in the tested soil, and then determine what steps should be taken next. We offer three primary solutions to soil contamination problems, though we do have other strategies for remediation if necessary:

For more information on soil contamination, or for some helpful advice if you think you may have a problem, just get in touch with RG Recycling today.

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