Sand processing and waste recovery

Sand is another valuable resource and can be used again and again in a variety of different ways. Many industrial processes, from mining to construction, generate a waste product of mixed sand and gravel, which needs to be separated and classified before it can be of use.

Sand screening equipment and sand screening plant machinery

Sand screening machines, screening plants and trommels sieve through large amounts of sand, gravel and other aggregates, separating them out so that you have a wide selection of classified material to reuse and recycle. Sand screeners, or vibration screeners as they are sometimes called, vibrate the mixed input material along a screen that is usually made out of polyurethane or cloth. This screen then sifts the material according to its size and weight, to classify all types contained within it.

Sand sieving and trading services

Sand screeners, vibratory machines, and trommels all come in a variety of sizes, with varying features and screening specifications. Click through our equipment pages to find out more information about screening machines, or contact us for a free consultation about your requirements.

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