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Jaw stone crusher applications

Jaw Crushers typically operate as the primary crushing plant in a waste processing facility, and are particularly useful for mining screening operations. The largest crushers use the 'jaw' operation, and are capable of crushing a large volume of raw material at any hardness, from soft sand to very hard granite. They are very practical and versatile in all manner of applications as they are able to crush hard abrasive rocks as well as mixed recyclable materials.

The jaw crusher consists of a set of vertical jaws, in the shape of a 'V', and as material from the feed slides down one side, the other jaw operates on a rotating belt, opening and closing at intervals in order to crush material against the opposite jaw. Large material is unable to fall down the jaw shaft until it has been crushed, getting smaller and smaller as it slides down.

Gyratory crushers

Gyratory crushers operate a similar design principal to other jaw crusher design, and are effective at a wide range of rock density as well. They are used primarily for the principal crushing duties in heavy mining and ore extraction. Both jaw crushers and gyratory crushers can only handle rocks with low moisture content; wetter rocks are better suited to cone crushers.

Used jaw crushers for sale

Jaw crushers are available used or new from companies like McCloskey Equipment and other jaw crusher manufacturers such as Terex who all provide highly efficient crushing machinery, for example the Terex Finlay J1175 mobile jaw crusher.

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